Battlefield 1

With Battlefield 1 EA DICE have taken us back to World War One. They’ve endeavored to bring us the horrific realties of The Great War whilst making the action as fun as possible. The game still feels like a Battlefield game but there are plenty of new dynamics that need mastering. That is why we’re bringing you guides to each of the four main classes you can play as in the game.

Battlefield 1 has new auxiliary classes for when you’re spawned into the various vehicles found in the game. This means that you’re no longer just an assault class riding a horse or in a tank you’re a cavalry or a tanker class. If you’re flying a plane then, understandably, you’re a pilot. These auxiliary classes all have their own special weapon set and require specific skills if you’re going to master them.

As well as the four core classes and the specialist vehicle classes available in Battlefield 1 you also have the chance to play as one of the Elite Classes. These are classes that can’t be selected or spawned but which can be encountered out on the battlefield at various intervals. They have huge firepower and each have specific strengths and weaknesses.