War Thunder

Do you need a joystick to play War Thunder?

What is the difference between mouse control, gamepad control and joystick control on War Thunder? Is it a big difference that will affect your gameplay or is it not that important? What maneuvers can you do on War Thunder with a joystick and what maneuvers can you do with a gamepad or a mouse and keypad combination?

This video will go a good way to answering all of the above questions. It’ll show some dogfighting action from a number of different perspectives both as an active participant and as a spectator.

It is up to you

The running commentary will give an insight into the types of affect that each different control mechanism can have on your War Thunder gameplay. At times you’ll be surprised to see the stark difference in gameplay that is offered by each but you may be surprised by the overall conclusion.

What role do you want to take when playing War Thunder and what do you want your overall experience to be like? Overall they are the questions you’ll have to answer when deciding which control mechanism you’re going to choose. Once you’ve answered that question this video prove an invaluable resource.

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