War Thunder

Do you have to pay for War Thunder?

Is War Thunder Free to Play or Pay to Win? Will I have to buy War Thunder Credits in order to compete? Can I pay for upgrades in War Thunder? How much is it to play War Thunder? What is war Thunder’s main Currency?

War Thunder is amazing for a free to play game. The game is so rich and filled with detail and it can all be experienced for free. The game is designed to be completely free to play as well. Premium accounts and micro-transactions are available but there are ways to access all content through unlocking it via various achievements.

Earn it or Buy it?

War Thunder offers everybody the chance to play and win, even if you don’t to pay. The main currency in war Thunder is the Silver Lion. Silver Lions can be earnt by performing various tasks and completing various challenges in the game. Silver Lions are then used for obtaining modifications, and for buying vehicles and repairing them.

Golden Eagles are the premium currency in the game. They can only be acquired through paying money into the game or getting friends to sign up to the game. Although they allow you to buy premium vehicles and upgrades there is no tactical advantage gained over other vehicles purchased in the same tier. The only real difference between premium vehicles and free to play vehicles are that premium vehicles will earn Silver Lions faster than free to play vehicles.

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