War Thunder

What is War Thunder?

Is War Thunder the same as World of Warplanes? Does War Thunder have tanks and infantry? What about ships, does War Thunder have ships? There are so many questions to answer if you’re trying to discover what is War Thunder exactly?

War Thunder is a rich and deep flight sim that includes multiple battlefield dynamics. You can fight in tanks and planes and the battles are always intense. The game is easy to dip into because you can customize the level of control that you have over your vehicles. You can have simple arcade like control or you can assign controls for almost all of the on vehicle functions. It is up to you.

This is War Thunder

War Thunder is also a free to play game meaning you can play it right now if you like. There are micro-transactions available but the dynamic of the game is designed to offer a complete experience for free if you’re willing to work for it. More of that in our next video, however,

This video is a great intro to what War Thunder is and will give you a really good intro into all of the different dynamics available in the game. It is definitely worth checking out.

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